We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Payment is required prior to order being released to production, unless you have been granted specific terms by our accounting department. Any delay in deposit/payment may result in a delay in turnaround time. If a completed order is not paid for within 30 business days of its completion, an additional financing charge will apply. Invoices unpaid after 30 days of project completion will be subject to a 10% charge after 45 days, and an additional 5% every 30 days thereafter. Projects unpaid after 90 days are subject to legal action, even if not picked up. If a check is returned to us there will be a $45 fee.


In the event an order needs to be canceled, refunds or return of deposits will be based on the status of the order (Have the items been produced? Have any of the items been printed? Has a Designer or Project Manager been assigned and laid out the project scope? Etc.) and may be subject to penalties and/or restocking charges, at a minimum of 20% of your order. Balance from Deposit may be applied as an in-house credit at discretion of management.



We encourage you to check the quantities and quality of the order you receive from us immediately. The Sign Dude cannot be held accountable for defects or problems with your order unless contacted within 12 hours of delivery and photos taken within the original packaging. Any incorrect order must be provided back to The Sign Dude prior to corrective actions being taken.


The Sign Dude does not offer refunds on misprinted, or late orders. The Sign Dude will not be held responsible for end user subjectivity with quality, design, color or finish. Refunds are reserved to the sole discretion of The Sign Dude, and we’ll be honest, they are rare. Once we invest time in your project, chat with you about it, and fill in our teammates on your project needs, we are invested and intend to see your project through, even if your project needs changes. We will adapt the best we can and assist in finding a good solution, but do need compensation for the invested time.


Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Initial shipping charges are not refundable.

Any damages or loss that occur during shipment are the responsibility of the customer and to to disputed with the shipping company.