Hey there, it’s The Aisle Sign Dude, and I’m here to share the top four tips for eye-catching grocery store signage that’ll take your store to the next level. Let’s dive into Signage Trends for 2023!

1. Big is Beautiful:

You’ve got to make a statement! Large clear signage against bold patterns create show-stopping signage for areas like “BUTCHER” and “FISH MARKET.” Modern supermarkets are all about those high-impact visuals that customers can’t help but share on social media. The bigger, the better, my friend! We have amazing designs such as this one, that has bold patterns and large clear labels.

2. Blasts from the Past:

Retro vibes are all the rage! Tap into the nostalgia of the 20th century with vintage letterforms and materials like metal. Freestanding and dimensional, neon, and metallic colors give your store that cool mid-century modern look. Plus, folksy signage with hand-drawn fonts evoke the charm of family farms and local suppliers.

3. Plan for the Meal Planners

Meal planning is the name of the game these days, and your signage can help customers find their way to mealtime bliss. Use storytelling techniques to communicate new opportunities, money-saving tips, and product pairings. Think pre-cut produce next to proteins—easy and practical!

4. Digital Signage, has it’s place:

For the right places digital signage has leveled up. In the deli, or locations with constant price adjustments, it may be right.  Dynamic, and easily updated, digital screens are perfect for specials, sales, and information-dense menus. Use videos to showcase positive reviews and keep customers engaged throughout their shopping journey. In other locations that are consistent and only change once or twice a year, digital may not be worth the down-sides.

There you have it—four killer tips to revamp your grocery store signage! Remember, simplicity, seamless physical-digital integration, and a dash of creativity can make all the difference in enhancing the customer experience and boosting your sales. Keep it fresh, keep it bold, and watch your store shine!

Oh, and if you’re worried about costs, fear not! There are ways to make your signage project budget-friendly, like using our semi custom options at Aisle Sign Dude.